professional bookings management

We take care of your guests from the moment they inquire until after they”ve left. We answer all questions and provide all travel- and local information with friendly professionalism; and we provide clear and easily accessable records of your accounts.

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Online Travel Agents

Your guests will more likely want to connect to you when they can see that you have the most appealing representation of your business online. We help you with that.

Professional Answering Service

You will receive the highest inquiry-to-confirmed bookings ratio with friendly and experienced staff who speak native-like English and understand what goes on in your customer’s mind.

No Suprises

With clear, free and secure cloud based bookkeeping you will be able to access your accounts and reservations calendar from anywhere, anytime. : Villa Tiara

We recently updated the listing of Villa Tiara in Senggigi. We added better pictures, improved the sales information, updated the prices, answered to guest reviews and added any other missing listing items to make the listing complete and receive a maximum listing score. We’ve also helped with reservations management and increased the guest review score to 8.2 over a period of 4 months.

Airbnb : Villa Santai

Villa Santai is a private villa in Karangasem which we helped to become a guesthouse on Airbnb. We created all advertising materials and trained the owner in professional sales communication and reservations management skills. During the first summer the villa had an  86% occupancy rate.

Traveloka : Villa Mantika

Villa Mantika is a luxurious 3 bdr villa with pool close to the beach in Senggigi. Because of it’s location we found many travellers interested in renting just one or two bedrooms. By promoting and selling into this market on Traveloka we have increased the average monthly revenue for the villa with 19%.


When talking about direct bookings we mean bookings that you receive through your own advertising channels, like your own website, your facebook page or your instagram account.

With direct bookings you avoid paying the 12% to 19% booking fees that most online travel agents like, Agoda, Expedia e.g. are charging. To generate more direct bookings you can also use paid advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook and attract more customers to your business.

Facebook Advertising

Allows you to target geographic areas and demographic groups of people to promote your business. E.g. send a special 3 days 2 nights offer for Nyepi to all residents in Bali.

Google Advertising

Includes paid search engine advertising like pay-per-click and visual advertising on related websites. With proper advertising texts only people who are really interested will click and visit your website.

Your Own Website

Is the root of your business’ online presence. Did you know that before confirming a reservation on OTA, many guests search for a company’s website, looking for a better price or free extras with their booking?

Own Website - Home Page

The homepage displays the most beautiful pictures in any desired size and order. You can use it to create atmosphere and a feeling for your business and the accommodation. Note that there is an instant message option and a recent guest reviews section.

Own Website - The Villa

Here you can give essential information and anticipate all the frequently asked questions.

Own Website - Prices

You can organize your prices per season, or per package or any other way you like. Add promotions and special offers, discounts for direct bookings, and receive a booking deposit straight from your website to your bank or PayPal account.

Own Website - Availability

Here you can show an automatically updated availability calendar and provide contact details for booking requests. You can also allow guests to immediately book without waiting for confirmation.

Own Website - Contact

On your contact page you can provide exact information about the location of your business and how to get there. Contact details, business information and other information you’d like to acquire from your guests.. You can choose to receive the messages directly to your phone, tab or computer.


Is about making a map of the territory, checking your resources and making a plan for the journey ahead. Not just wandering off trying to survive, occasionaly looking around you for clues when something goes awry.
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